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Monday, November 4, 2013

Playroom long process

Is has been a very long and busy month I haven't even had time to write on the blog I know shame sigh..first we had a week off for autumn break the second week of October it honestly caught me by surprise .. then my oldest got really sick and was diagnose with sleep apnea as well as some pther sleeping and breathing problem and he had to had surgery two weeks down then I caught a bacteria I don’t know how but it ended up being in my respiratory area and it kind of did a lot of damage so I was put in bed rest as well as antibiotics and meds all week mind I also had a sick 5 year old that just came out of surgery and needed my attention I always need the support of my husband and family and in times like this more than ever !! my hubs took a short leave of work to stay home with us and makes you soup clean the house and attend to all our needs !! im a lucky gal ..

anyways back to business before we all got sick we stared the play room downstairs I mean we put up some walls and prepare to paint …and added some sheetrock to make the celling I think is coming out great and I cant wait to get back to it this weekend {I cant be around dust yet} so for now im going to leave you with a bit of the work we had done… I know is hard to see it yet but my vision for this room is aka-kaamzing… !! … so stay tune…

please don’t mind the pink chalk on the walls I had a little 1 year old that sneak in this room at the time …

here we were kind of test painting what of yall think of the color im kind of in love with it …


2 down about 11 more to go..hopefully will have this room ready for when our oldest turn 6 .. is taking is super long but we are being very careful about the decisions we are putting into this room since we want something that will grow with them ..as my previous plans well they have change quite a bit … still on the same direction but with couple tweaks here and there .. make sure to stay tune …more to come…

saying dood byw

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