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Friday, December 6, 2013

Under the sink :kids bathroom

since we move ive been trying and organize little by little every area of our home {im almost there }but not quit yet .. since every time I think im almost done there is an area of our home that is lacking the organization and functionality of the space I know many other people out there feel like me on this one .

Well this week I decided to do something about the kids bathroom yes they share a bathroom all 3 I know crazy but since their little still they don’t mind at the moment .. just we know in our new home will be needing a lot more space.. {spoiler alert }.

well back to under the sink before it was a bit plane nothing in fact so I decided to give it a little me to the space that means adding up something's as well as keeping the function and the organization of the space..well here goes nothing..

I used this old tray I had laying around from my last boy baby shower .. {I know it would come in handy sometime.}. I gave it a little spray paint…..

After the paint was dray I brought it inside and added a little drawer liner paper ..


and then I got to putting all the products back ,…in their place…

down here is where I put most of their extra bathing products as well as some wipes ,toilet paper and the little toilet for the little ones that are in training..


what have you done this weekend ? did you redo a whole room ? or painted a table .. ?? …stay tune for more playroom news and process..

saying dood byw

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