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Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Honest life

About 2 years ago I came crossed an add online for this company called Honest well I first the name caught me then I went in and I saw all this amazing looking products that they had I was you can say spectacle do to that baby products?? really there is soo many out there lets see how good are this {I thought to myself } I was looking for how to sample them and I found it right at their home page just for a little less than 6.00 you get 5 little cleaning samples of baby shampoo & wash ,baby conditioner , healing balm, laundry detergent , and hand soap.. it ttok almost a week to receive my samples witch I was very exited to try . and once I did I was hooked !! BEST baby products around… so what did I do I saw the had a diaper trial too I order them as well and ageing I was hooked !!! my kids have always been allergic to certain brands of diapers witch it would drive me crazy because I had to high and low to look for diapers that would fit our kids.. so I gave honest a try !! and like a charm !! I would say the VERY BEST !! no more red touchies no more little rashes !! I was in love and soo where my kids they have this wonderful designs I was just over heal with them !!..
And from there on it was a loving relationship between honest and the DeChick family ..

Every month I get two to three bundles baby and home bundle .. diapers and wipes bundle.. oh and I forgot to tell you they also have a vitamin bundle !! I try the other two bundles and ive been more than happy with them for two years now  so last I decided to try their vitamin bundle !!I can say my kids have never been exited for vitamins before and now they take it like is a part of their life every single day ass well as the rest of the family !!…

they don’t always come together and in the same order but my November bundle came like this …{at the time only one box}

I just love the inside of the box ..my kids do to my oldest is always trying to figure out what it says since most of the words are upside down or vertical and horizontal so it makes it hard for him to read it as well is a great puzzle peace for his little brain and he looooooves it!! and so do I ..

And  of course my youngest they don’t care for reading very much soo they have fun with the fun bubble packing that comes inside to protect the items as well as the boxes …they have hours of fun with them .. kids sometimes are just soo simple. to amuse


I tend to change my bundle of house and baby supplies every month since sometimes im I might have too much shampoo and baby wash bottles but not enough bubble bath gel…so from month to month I change them ,,

I get wipes with my diaper bundle all the time but I always like to order extra with my home and baby essential bundle as well..there is never to much wipes .. 

here is some hand sanitizer spray witch we also get the gel.. and also there is the hand soap  pump  im in loveee with it and I have one in all 3 bathrooms of our home..

here with have the healing balm for those ouchie days .. bug spray {always needed} conditioner mix.. since we have used this untangling the little princess hair is a breeze . shampoo and baby wash !! omg!! im in love!! leaves the baby super clean and smelling fantastic .. conditioner .. leaves the hair soft and  easy to handle .. sunscreen we have used this ever summer for 2 years now and we loooove it.!!!!

stain remover..best stain remover ever.. removes marker marks of clothes , ketchup ,mustard any food marks.. and even wine ive tried in couple wine stains I did to a blouse last week {accidentally spilled my glassed of wine while attending to our little girls }.
and I love the suds up brush and ceramic base .. I used it together with the stain remover witch I always keep one in the kids bathroom one by our sink and one in our laundry room..


Most of the products stay under the sink , some stay in our laundry are a, under the sink in the kitchen .. and in our travel  and to go bags also in our diaper bag ..

saying dood byw

Ps: I wasn’t pay to say anything about the Honest Company it was just review that I did on my own from mum to mum…thank you

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