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Thursday, December 12, 2013

News News..

im over the moon exited about joining this company as a partner …about a week ago I decided to write to them and see if I could joing their affiliated partnership program and in less than 24 hours I got an email saying congratulations !!what !!! I went to the moon and back about 20 times ! I immediately told my husband …!! I was sooo happy still am pinch me cus I cant believe it that now im part of the ….drumroll please….


I know !! what !!!.. yes pinch me please im on the ninth cloud…anyways I couldn’t be anymore exited to share with yall today what this company is about..

Founders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan searched far and wide for perfect products for their babies and homes (safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient and affordable) and came to realize that what they were looking for is an ideal and decided "if you want it done right, you got to do it yourself." So, The Honest Company was born, to fit theirs and like minded parents' demands…

their products go from diapers to house hold items  and vitamins soon they will also bring some furniture to the play .. who is exited for that uh?.. anyways back to business.. lets show you with pictures that sometimes a picture will show what 1000 words wont…

All their products come in this amazing looking boxes..

lets have a look inside should we..

pretty uh…??

If you aren't familiar with the products there is always the sample option just for little less than 6.00 you will get the cleaning sample or the diaper and wipes sample and you can always order both if you like the samples are free you just have to pay for the shipping and handling.


Adorable.. uh .. I honestly use mine for traveling purposes for the kiddos since they are less than 4oz each every time one goes empty I simply refill them back again .. and they are good to go for for next trip… just like that the diaper and wipe sample about 5 diapers {not sure since is been so long since I did it } and a travel size wipe trial witch with the first use I fell in love with .. they are so strong and durable nothing that we have ever used before the pampers are just adorable they always come out with different designs I cant wait to get my diaper bundle this month with the little surprise inside for the holiday..{about that latter}..and oh I can tell you about the smell of the baby products !! it smells amazing like honey and other scents that are to die for I just find any excuse to sit next to my kids and hug them and smell them…

Also for those who need baby gifts there is also the amazing diaper cakes .. and the gift card for those undecided parents ..



Now to our next products .. from keeping your fruits and veggies free of germs to giving your homes amazing smelling aromas..with their candles..…

hand soap,multi-surface cleaner ,dish soap ,dishwasher gel and laundry detergent

honest 1
dish washer pods ,oxy boost ,dish towels ,dryer sheets ,suds up brush with ceramic stand  ,and candles  scent may vary favorite one is gardenia jasmine.
bathroom spray cleaner , raise aid ,toilet cleaner , stain remover , glass and windows cleaner ,floor cleaner , scrubber sponges..
Now for the clean bodies and teeth they have many many amazing products..

clip_image005 bar soap ,bubble bath solution {my kids favorite } ,adult and child toothpaste ..{I just hope they can come out with kid toothbrushes soon }.

sanitizer gel ,baby shampoo and body wash ,conditioner , face and body lotion ,healing balm ,sunscreen lotion ,bubble bath ..body oil ,foaming  hand soap..

this products are perfect for traveling size they are less than 4oz.. hand sanitizer get  ,hand sanitizer spray ,conditioner mist {one of our most used products}, lip balm ..and bug spray for those  walks in the park and so on…{I always carry all this in my diaper bag  as well as the healing balm.. also depending if is summer the sunscreen lotion. .}
and for those vitamins ..all your kid and you need,..
omega 3  , prenatal , multi vitamins kids ,multi powder babies and toddlers..

now to the diaper….
our bundle comes every month usually a week after our cleaning bundle..
note that you don’t have to sing up or order anything on a bundle you can always get everything separately ..



And if you'll like to read there is two amazing books you should out on your least of must haves…


last but not least if you guys haven't checked out the new partnership these amazing designers have joined the honest company and have come out with some very amazing products .. I haven't tray them all yet but will soon..


And that’s all for now if you like anything you saw and want to try them you can go ahead to the Honest company and join the family …

saying dood byw

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