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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kids Christmas wish list

This Christmas we wont be at home to celebrate because wait for it….we are going into a FUNCATION for three weeks.. yay.. super exited…
so I decided to put couple list together of the things my kids want and enjoy the must ..!!..
here we go…


1.She used to have a different one once upon of time but as she getting older it was getting a bit to small for her so we decided to upgrade her this year..to the silver cross surf pram in pink … ( we found it in UK but in amazon is cheaper  ,wish I thought of looking there before we got it,.)
2.oh she loooves to sing soo what better than a karaoke machine..
3. loves to have tea with her little dolls .and this tea set is just too cute..
4. she loves all Disney princess and stuff but she \has been into all the sugar rush dolls since wreck it ralph so we got her couple of them from Disney stores and Amazon
5.loove all things puzzles this ones came from target.
6. you don’t have to be a boy to build she looves to create and things building and organizing and decorating just like her momma so what best that a set of Lego Duplo for a stared ..

1.Charlie looves all things Thomas and trains ..so what better than a Thomas remote controlled set ..found at target..
2.like Ananliah he loooves all thing wreck it ralph the movie .. so we decided this year to get him the video game for his wii
3.all kids looove fortes and caves  so we decide to get both boys a tee pee but we the price tag of 200 we decided to make our own ..diy details coming this weaken..
4.charlie looves to go shopping we are making them a super market for their playroom downstairs soo no he has his own shopping kart
5. Disney Disney he loooves all Disney .. so we picked up the infinity at target two weeks ago ..
6..my kids looooove all things doctor who and they have been begging for this sonic screwdriver from doctor 11 ..we finally said yes..


1..he is been wanting an ipad since the minis came out I just thought he was to young for it at the time..so we bough both boys a nabi tablet witch he really enjoyed for a little bit but not anymore so we decided that he was old and responsible enough to get his own tablet now lets see if he stops using ours..

2.he loves all things sports he plays baseball for the school and county but he also loves hockey and lacrosse .so he really wanted this but he wont be able to use it until spring..
3.see charlie’s 3
4 and 5.. video games for does rainy days…that we don’t have much to do..found them at game stop and target..between 30- 60..
6. see charlie’s 6

tomorrow ill be passing by with the grown ups wish list…\because we also believe in Santa
until tomorrow…

saying dood byw

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