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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Xmas wish list.

We deserve some gifts for our daily hard work I always say ..so why not spoiled ourselves on Christmas .. special occasion right?…


1.would really love something like this..
2.they are unavailable and they have been for a while but ive been trying to find them since like ever!
3.this website has it all !! ive gotten sooo many things from them just missing this little notebook..
4.this Kate Spade flats are also unavailable at the moment but im waiting for them..
5.loooooooove to get my arm in this one..
6. I grew up watching the doctor and my kids have as well and this is a gift for me and all the member of my family … doctor who all the seasons since 1963..


1.oh he would love this.. for his milk and cookies.. :)
2.he has been wanting this for a while.. I guess you can find the joke in it..
3.who doesn't love some cozy slippers..?
4.what's a man without a good watch? he has a couple of this ones but this new collecting has caught his ayes..
5.who wouldn’t want this teli remote?
6.we travel a lot so why not do in style..

until next post….

saying dood byw

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