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Monday, March 10, 2014

bows and headbands organization

As my little girls grows her collection of bows, headbands . shoes ,books ,dresses and so on and on grows as well.

My very good friend Tannia has an awesome and very popular Etsy shop where she makes magic for little girls !!.. so since I'm so close to her I'm always one of the first ones on her list foe new bows and headbands that means our collection will continue to grow and grow..!!

For a while i was keeping it in the box she gave us  this Christmas but since then I've gotten a few more and the box was kind of over flowing ...

My next step is to find out how can i organize so many headbands and clips and for that i knew where to go the best inspiration site there is Pinterest ... i found many good things ... and this is the one i settle with and i heart it.

 Since there is zoo many out there like this i didn't think i needed to post how i did it unless you would like to know  then just email me ...

This was a very simple project but is a life and organizing savior for us also the whole digging for what i needed was a bit of a time consumer ,.,

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