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Monday, March 10, 2014

hang in there :DIY curtains

This is a very big step for me because after a year and a half of being in our new place this is the first set curtains i hang !!!!!! say whatttt!! i know is that life has been very busy between school , clients dance and baseball practices other diy jobs we have done vacations .. and so on and on i just haven't had the time to shop for a good set of curtains . doing get me wrong many sty ores have good selection of curtains like for example , west elm , target , porttery barn , chapter indigo  . those will be my go to stores when it comes to little items for my home but nothing seem to pop .. 

Then last week while shopping for some fabric for some clients i came upon this one ...

isn't beautiful??

Is a gray ikat fabric and i was {am in love with it} at first i didn't know what to do with it when i got it then i looked around my house and it came to me like out of a window  {silly me } !. oh btw i graved 8 yards that where for 13.00 a yard plus 5 yards of the white fabric that was on sale for 5.00 a yard

i did some measuring  and cutting .........

and some pinning {not in Pinterest }

i have a confession i might be addicted to my sawing machine as we speak {or better as i write} is sitting right a crossed from my desk and is calling my name ......!!!!!!!!  

my measurements for each panel where 58w x 87h

 i didn't want the whole entered panels to be one fabric so i paired with the white one and it was a bond that will never break ...

Ps : ill be coming back today with a little mini project i did for my daughter ,,
PPS: Don't mind the color of the dinning room because thats the color that the house came with and we just haven't gotten to this part of the house yet with the painting hopefully ill be having a complete home tour of the entered home painted and good this summer sorry.

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One More Time Events said...

Love your curtains!

alina dechick said...

Oh thank you hun , i heart that you loved them <3..
xox Alina