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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mother's day gift guide

So like you might know mothers day is almost here ...and i was having a talk with some fellow mums to see what they are thinking of doing or what where their wish list for this day .. other than flowers we all decided that time with the family would be absolutely perfect we also grew that we can always need a little more bling and accessories in our lives .. who doesn't uh,..?? so knowing me i came up with this list guide for the man in our lives or who ever wanted a little inspiration and didn't know where to start ...

1. A little color for this spring 
2. Your lips must always stay moist
3. Your ears need some loving 
4. For when you want to relax 
5. Fragrance we all need it (special day with the hubs perhaps )
6. Date night bling 
7. Love mine shouldn't you have one to ? 
8. My best accessory  for my every morning tea .
9. Every woman should have a cross body bag 
10. Everyday bling.

And if you just want to get pampered there are also this wonderful gift cards from as low as $25- $1000..

Either way i really hope you enjoy  your day we really deserve it..motherhood is the hardest job in the world...



and with that i leave you today ..(I'm still shopping for mothers day gifts aren't you ?)

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