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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outdoor process

we have be en working a lot in our back and front yard lately spring is here and we are only about 15% done ..!! i know we have been here for almost two years and thats all we have done !! but yeah we both work outside the home as well as we have a horrible schedule and just things get in the way of other things  but slowly we have been doing what we can ..with the time we have ..

This is what the home look liked when we moved in ..

Now this is our garden by the stairs 

WE had to replace couple of the wood railing as well as the floor boards {weather damage}


we also replaced the lighting {still need to add more }

we added a garden of fruits veggies and flowers on the side of the house {we are planning on extending it all the way to the back patio }


This is what our backyard looked like about a year ago...


        This is what it looks like now.. {still lots of things going on }
    {don't mind the burn spots thats how we get ride of pricker bushed and undesired logs and plants }


This reddish pinkish roses are booming in our front garden as well as some white ones ...{cant wait to show more }

Front deck 20%
  • fix railing and floor boards
  • paint porch celling
  • update and add more lightning {getting there}
  • add sitting area
  • DIY welcome mat
  • paint planters
  • diy some new planters
  • bring some trees in or flowers
  • add more flowers {we have plant some in the front garden, still a lot more to go }
  • decorate here and there

Back deck 30%
  • add sitting area
  • add dinning area{reason why they are not on the picture is because of the turn ado we put all our backyard furniture in the garage a storage room}
  • update grill
  • build pergola {not doing this anymore}
  • update floor boards
  • secure railing
  • add flower pots
  • add storage
  • update lighting
  • decorate
  • add area rug {we bought one online and i didn't like how it looked in the space waiting for a better one}

Front yard /garden area  15%
  • add some kind of separation between yard and garden
  • plant flowers{ we have bought them just not yet planted them ,will be doing this over this weekend}
  • trim trees {and take out what we don't like }
  • add mulch
  • add separate garden for fruits and veggies{ we are still extending it all the way to the back patio}
  • add decorations
  • plant grass seeds in some spots
  • bring down couple trees
  • update lighting
  • clean areas{half way done and then we where hit with a tornado }
  • add wild flowers to the front tree 
  • add surrounding  to the front tree 
  • add mulch to front tree

Back patio 3%
  • move garbage cans
  • power wash clean ..
  • paint concrete
  • add area rug
  • add sitting
  • add some kinds of curtains
  • add storage
  • add flowers

Back yard 15%
  • cut trees down {65% down }
  • get ride of pricket and random bushes
  • clean ground {10% down}
  • level ground
  • add fence {don't know if we are doing this yet}
  • build play house/club house {already have plans and some materials }
  • add electricity
  • build fire pit {got destroyed by the tornado}
  • build or buy sitting area
  • add lighting
  • decorate

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