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Monday, May 5, 2014

spicing up our front door

As spring came on knocking this past month we stared working on all things outside we took a break from some projects we are doing inside to focus a bit to the outside of our home is all about curb appeal am i right ..?

If you missed last post about our outdoor process you can catch up here..

Well our front porch isn't doing so well i planted some mums last year in some teal pods but that wasn't enough my door was a bit blahhhh !!  so i wanted to put a little spring to the door..i went on to my best buddy pinterest and found amazing possibilities just one really stand out to me ...and i saw that it was possible and very easy to copy so i did .

I graved a few vines that where hanging on the trees in the back of my home .. and i stared with that ,

i graved a few hydrengas from JOAN ,hot glue ,clippers {not on the picture} ,twine hot glue gun , hot glue zip-ties  ribbon (that at the end i didn't use)

i stared with making a circle or better said i asked the hubs to make me a circle of the thick vine while i made the rest . and thigh it with the the twine.

i cutter the flowers to the size i wanted them to hang 

then i used the leaves to disguise the ugly vines . (i could of made this project out of foam or anything ales but i decided to use things that i had around the house minus the flowers)

i also stared gluing the flowers little by little on top of the leaves securing them that they won't fall .

 next steep was just to handy on the door and for that i used the command hooks..(witch i heart)

hanging was the next step .and admiring my 45 minute diy job ...

Anything on pinterest lately that you want to try ?? if you asked me i have a never ending list from pinterest that dyeing to star and some of them finish ...

PS: ill have some updates of the play room so stay tune ..

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