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Sunday, May 18, 2014

99 problems

Well ill like to begin with that I'm very grateful with all the opportunities we have had this past year  or two and well most of them is all because we decided to move to this awesome state . iHEART the town we live in it has an amazing small town feeling but in reality is so big that just last week after driving for hours we realized we where still in the same town i know.. WOW ! why is not the town of my dreams well one because it takes us 3 hours by car to be at the beach !! and is a must for a family to have ocean since i came from an island i would like my kids to have that water and sand between their toes felling that i had as i was growing up . either way life is good in this town and there is so much to do still in this little big town so weigh that being said i would like to tell you that .........

WE ARE MOVING !!!! no not by the beach !!! {i wish} but soon dont worrie we have many plans !!But yeah for those who knows us and fallow us you might be a bit choked and maybe not if you have seen my instagram . yes i know we move a year and a half ago ..so yeah we are moving aging ..! i honestly can't say it enough it is still so surreal to us I'm still pinching my self {ouch }

For those who dont personally know us and those who do but dont know the story here you go ...

A year and a half ago we where house hunting for a rent to own home since we had very little knowledge of where we would end up someday {thanks to the hubs job} it has taken us to many states and many cities and we honestly wanted to settle somewhere you know to have that feeling of calling a town our own, our home. So yes we saw many houses and decided to rent to own the one we are currently leaving {tears}. i was in complete love with this home it was love at first sight it was not the home of my dreams but knowing that we would not really end up for the rest of our lives here it was doing the job ! we stared the first few months renting it and trying to to figure out all the papers of buying it . we had all settle until one day we decided that this is not where we want to be I'm not a big fun of my neighborhood there is no kids no place to go to much unused space and 13 m is our closest grocery store!! i was just unhappy so where my kids my oldest is staring to have friends from school wanting him to go over their house and with his baseball games and practices it takes me 45 mins to drive him to his games 30 to his practices and his closest friends live almost an hour away! that is just some of the things that turn me off also mail get loss all the time we have no internet connection or phone signal is just ground zero up in here. so our dislikes for this house keep growing we decided not to buy just to rent until we find something better  until couple months ago the current owner decided to put the house in the market without telling us !! until we found out thanks to some prospective buyers that came unannounced to our home . do you feel violated ?? because we do ???
according to him he let us know but the truth is that he never did because according to our lease he needed to let us know 60 days before in a written notice . and well that never happened .

yeah we are a bit mad about this because the way everything handle it self {the owner} but sometimes things happen for a reason and trust me this reason is way better!.. if you follow me on instagram you would know the house we have chosen out of about 20 homes we have seen and i won't tell you until the end of last week or maybe next week but until then i would give you some hints here and there and tours of homes we have looked at and i would share with you why we came to the conclusion we came too as of our new home.

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