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Thursday, June 19, 2014

house 1 update

 i can apologize a million and one time for not posting anything about our journey of the house hunting but it because like many of you with kids and jobs and all that sometimes just life gets on the way and priorities change and things that are more important to our family get push up on the list of priorities i hope you understand ..

Today i would like to show you this home is the first home we saw in our hunt .

90 cinnamon 

*  4 bedroom
*   2 baths
*   2 car garage
*  1877 sqft
*  way way way under our budget
*  build in 2003

*close to parks and cul-de -sac street

Pros & Cons 

* i dont want to give our budget but is is a very good one and this house is from $ scale from 1 - 5 about a $ =1 in our budget scale 
* granite countertops everywhere 
* white cabinets everywhere
* 4 bedrooms 
* nice finishes 
* close to parks 
* close to major amenities 
* big backyard 
* separate breakfast and dinning area
* semi new build

* Not our favorite neighborhood or area
* to small for our family only a bit over 1800 sqft
* bedrooms are to small 
*not big enough shower 
*only 2 car garage (we need 3) 
* no spare room for wood working 
* no office space
*kind of funky layout
*no fence 
*not so friendly neighbors 
* hardly no security 
* no fence 
*horrible floors 
*to much work to do 

 House #2 coming up tomorrow ... stay tune

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