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Friday, June 20, 2014

House #2

House number two !!
this is the radclifft home .

. in in a lovely gated community with pools parks lakes  slides and so many other amenities ..

* 4 bedroom
* 2 bath
* 2 1/2 car garage ( no that doesn't mean you can park a half of car !! it means that there is enough space for  working and tool and a lot of other things
* in our budget scale about a $
* build in 2007
*2290 sqft

here we go ......


*LOve that it sits in a cul de sac
*is on our very lower half of our budget  $
*It has plenty of storage
*wood working space
* playroom space
*4 bedroom
*2 and half baths ( the bath is in the garage next to the utility room ){forgot to include them in the pans }
*over 2000 sq fts
*great amenities
*semi new build
* separate breakfast and formal dinning
*laundry room not closet
*big cover patio
*big back yard
*fence in property

*No office / studio space
* no formal living space
*no mudroom area
* far from stores and shops
* not close to the beach
*small kitchen
*don't like the finishes of cabinets and flooring and so on .
*we need a 3 car garage no a 2 1/2

stay tune more house coming up this weekend ,,,
is there anyone apse having trouble choosing where they want to live?or is just us ??

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