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Saturday, June 21, 2014

house #3

this house is in the same community as house #2  so it has great amenities but is also very far from the beach and shops..

this is the mayflower home

*5 bedroom
* 2 bath
* 2 1/2 car garage
*build in 2008
* is about a $$ in our budget


Pros :
 *cul de sac 
*$$ in our budget 
* double fire place
* separate dining and break fast area 
*semi open layout 
*laundry room 
*nice amenities 
*good security 
* gated community 
*5 bedrooms 
* large cover patio 
*over 250 sq ft of living space ]
*double living space 
*door of master opens to backyard 
*office space 

* very far from the beach 
* not close to any any shops
*no fence yard
*not much privacy 
*small backyard
*dont like the finishes of the home 
*far from schools 
* we need a 3 car garage not a 2 1/2 

at this time we had seen about 10 homes  and  none of them have really screen take us to us so stay tune there are two other homes that have !! I'm trying to calm my excitement of this next two homes they are literary to die for !! ..
lets just say our dream homes :) one more that the other one but you'll figure out ...

 so stay tune .. and have a great weekend ,.. I'm off with the girls to a fun week get away with no kids and no husband !! (never been away from them more than a few hours so will see ) .. momma need her time away dont you think ?? so what are you guys up to this weekend ? are you having a weekend get away with your mates or staying at home with the family ? either way i hope you enjoy  it  ...

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