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Monday, June 23, 2014

house #4

Hello out there how was you weekend? ill tell you mine is going great (still i know ) I'm still in vacation with my awesome friends away from the hubs and kids .. (honestly i miss them so much but i know we all need this ) (all mums out there) ..

After so many months of looking trough homes that just didn't do it for us (honestly a waste of time ) we learned that the best thing for us is buying a new build or custom making a home .. and well thats where we ended up on .. as of right now we have seen 3 different model homes 2 of them unfortunately i cant put pictures of it online because for some weird and add reason they dont let us or anyone to but i get that they are private but i do have the layout so ill be sharing that with y'all this week ..

today I'm going to show you the first model home we visited witch it was love at first sight

the call it the Trinity home

*6 bedrooms (we honestly only needed 4)
*3 1/2 baths
*3 car garage
*build (when ever we want )
* 3990 sq ft
*2 floors home (what we wanted)
*about $$$ in our budget 1$ being the least 5$ being the most
brace yourself for a lot photos ....

 Photobomb anyone ?? lol


First floor 

formal dinning room

formal living room 

look from the kitchen unto formal living dining and foyer .

The two bedrooms down here are practically the same so i only took one picture 

Upstairs ..
look from the master unto the open space upstairs

master bedroom sitting  area 

master first walk in closet

second master closet there is a small window in this closet all the way to the back because this closet keeps going and going to the other side. 

                                                     master bath

                                                     door to laundry room right in front of master bedroom


                                 bedroom number 3 and bedroom number 4 look the same just inverted

This one is the upstairs jack and jill but the downstairs is the same design 

the 5th bedroom 

the look from upstairs ..

the boys were loving the house as you see they were playing pirates  ,,

                                                              PROS & CONS

Pros :
* is still a bit under our budget
* almost 4000 sq ft of living space
* enough space for our family and guests
*wood working room in back of garage
* 3 car garage
* 3 baths
*6 bedrooms
* separate dinning and breakfast area
*formal living
* separate family room
* guest bedrooms
* play room area
* studio /office area
*2 floor
*cul de sac
* craftsman /traditional style
*new home
*We choose the finishes of the home (thank god)
* a crossed from kids schools
* close to shops and other amenities '
*clean and secure neighborhood
*gated community
* jack and jill baths
*laundry room ( and upstairs)
* 4 bedroom upstairs
* you can see the downstairs from most pasts of the upstairs

* far from the beach ( 3 hrs)
*not many lists available
*dont like any of the finishes ( cabinets , flooring , fire place ,doors , others)

we looove this house and we have a month to decide if we want to take on this build or not so i will be letting y'all know and if you fallow me on instagram you might know sooner .'

Ps: i have a few projects that ill be sharing with you soon just because we are moving doesn't mean we are going to stop our DIYINGs around the house right ? also would be posting some pictures of a few homes we have been thinking about renting until our new home is build ..

stay tune .. and have a happy monday .

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