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Monday, July 14, 2014

House #5 &6

It has been a busy month for us here at the DeChick State {thats how we call our home , honestly don't know how it stared but it stayed }. And i kind of like it . i left y'all couple weeks ago with the pro mess of coming back with the new homes that we have looked at unfortunately i couldn't take pictures of the one home and the other one they don't even have a model for just plans and since i took pictures of both plans i think i should share the updated plans i made ,i say updated because the other bland are kind of blurry once i transferred them to my mac .. i hope y'all understand .. but enough said this are the homes ...

we call this one the Savannah home (no its not in Savannah ).

*6 bedrooms .
*3 car garage
* build as ordered
*over 4000 sq ft
*2 floor
* $$$$$in the top of our budget


*is  a very big home 4338 sqft to be exact 
*enough space for our family and guests 
*working room right off the garage 
*3 car garage 
*4 bathrooms 
*5 bedrooms 
*double kitchen island 
* 2 floors
* laundry room upstairs 
*big closets
*lots of storage 
*separate breakfast area 
* formal dinning room 
*formal living room 
* office space
*back deck 
*outdoor kitchen 
*cover patio 
*big family room 
*semi open concept 
*jack and jill baths 
*open areas 
* pool
*lots of grass and patio space 
*lots of windows 
*craftsman / traditional 
*4 bedroom upstairs 
*master upstairs with kids 
*French doors
*gated community 
*very clean and safe neighborhood 
*made to order 
*cul de sac
*close to shops and amenities 
* closet to schools and hospitals 
* parks and other amenities in the community ..
* closet to the beach (ten minute drive)

*since is a made to order kind of home and the area is in such a high demand the builders are very busy and they won't star the building process for another 6 months ( that means we need to find a home to rent in th mean while ) 
* with all the finished i want for this home it would take a bit over a year after we buy the land 
* is only 2 acres the land (thats how they sell them here) and my husband wanted 3 I'm okay with 2.
* its in our very top of our budget but thats also including some of the finished 

This one is the Jekyll home . (also is not in jekyll island ) 

this home is made by the same developers and contractors of the savannah home is actually in the same neighborhood  just couple lots away .. is still sits in a cul de sac 
this home has the same pros and cons of the savannah home . but it slightly bigger with 4710 sq ft with 7 bedrooms 5 bathrooms designated mudroom area the laundry room is downstairs lots of french doors to decks on the upstairs 3 jack and jill bathrooms . and a designated craft / studio room ..

the cons are the same as the savannah home also this home is bait over our price range not much but enough to really think about if is worth  since the home is bigger there is a slightly decrease on the green space personally i really don't see ,much difference but the hubs does . (hope this is not an issue )

and well this are the two homes that we are thinning about building what you think >?>> witch one do you like best?> the savannah home or the jekyll home ?
honestly i dont have a favorite they both have good things yes I've only seen one but i can't wait to see the other one witch they will be making a model of it at the end of this summer (can't wait )

also we have been looking for a place to rent ,, we actually haven't gotten out there to see them in person yet ..but we will as soon as the summer is over since right now we are enjoying some good family function

hows your summer going >?? are you ready for a a big move ? or just simple re doing your home /??  isn't it just exhausting ? and stressful?? or its just us??

see you soon witch some cool DIY projects we have been doing around the home .. yes we are moving soon but that doesn't stop us ..

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