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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

bring on the tea {DIY tea / coloring table }

Crazy crazy crazy weekend we have been having {excuse all the craziness }  from my parents and siblings coming over to my husband siblings and their kids I mean we had a full house for about 3 weeks but now things are getting back to normal {well as normal as they can get } .

About 4  weeks ago  since we new there where other kids coming  and our daughter was kind of begging for a tea table/ coloring table  it was the perfect opportunity so we decided to give it a go . of course I designed want I wanted in it . and my amazing do it all husband dint hesitate to make my design come true {I literary won the lottery with this man} {and well I hope he feels the same way about me wink wink * }

Well back to the tea table /coloring table my plans where  for a  very girly yet sophisticated kind of table since I believe that’s what she likes  {and oh I was right }!!..  I don’t know where the plans ended up to since at the moment we where working in 6 different wood projects and no im not over exaggerating  oh and two metal ones .  so because of our lack of organization in the garage {since also we are moving !! oh yeah that’s another biggie } now we have lost the plans  {I should of have made copies } !!..right? silly me !! 

Warning : I went a bit nuts with the pictures since i wanted to give a step by step "HOW TO" enjoy.....

We didn’t have a lot of wood left over from the other six projects we were doing at the time so we figure just to use the scraps we had hanging in our scrap bucket  this is what we used..


3 : 20 in  6x ½  untreated wood  
1 :  12 in  2x2  untreated wood   
4 :10 in  4x ½  wood from a previous project
finishing nails
wood glue 
thing rope

Free!! Oh I love that word !! since we are always working on something there is always scrap wood , nails ,screws , wood glue ,primer and paint of all colors hanging in our garage .

Table saw
Safety gaggles
Measuring tape
Right angle ruler
Router and its many attachments
Sanding paper
Electric Hand sander
Jig saw
Table sander
And of course my handy husband bahahaha..and a lot of math skills

All the building was about 3 hours
4 more ours for the wood to dry in between building it
3 hours for the primer to dry and about 8 hours for the paint to cure witch it was over night so in general this was an 18 hour project just because of all the waiting we had to do between the glue , primer and paint 

After all the wood for the tabletop was cut with the table saw he made some very cool inserts inane on  the wood with his router that made all 3 pieces of wood fit together like a puzzle .

then after he applied a dab of glue to all pieces of the puzzle {that’s what I call the table top since at this time that’s what it looked like } ..

And everything fit very snug and tight just like we wanted .

then to calculate the table top to be equality round all around we put a nail right at the center of the top of the table and thigh up a string to that end of the nail and at the other end of the rope we tighten up a pencil witch helped us trace around the access wood we had to cut off ..

After we had a perfect circle we decided to go in and add up a bit of a design to it since it seem so plain and I wanted to give a little more of a girly feeling to it

We went back to one of our best friend Mr .Router sir ..and went all around the circular top shaving in this little itty bitty design that gave it a bit of a sophisticated and girly look to it .

How you like me now?

The top was done for now and he sent it to my side of the garage to sand down  as he was tracing the legs out of a model I design  {the wood that we used for the legs was left over from a  previous project we did for a client  } why not re use it right ??

Then I stepped in to cut the molding with the jig saw as he sanded around the legs with the table sander to give it a complete and round look to as well to sand down the previous stain {if y'all wondering what is the color of the stain is cherry}

With the legs all done for the time being we went onto the base for that we needed the 2x2 and the router.

He made this very awesome inserts about half a cm  in the wood all equal in all 4 parts of the 2x2  so the legs would fit in snug and thigh as well as he did for the table top .

 oh I forgot to mention that the length of the insert he made to the 2x2 was about 3 ½ inch  in to the wood well later we placed the legs in with also the help of the router

Then he attached the 2x2 to the center of the bottom of the table with the help of also some scrap wood that He cut down to about ½ by 2 in and cut into 45 degree angle where he attached the 2x2 into glued all around and finished it with finishing nails same process with the legs.

 And finally it was ready for priming and painting after about two hours of straight sanding first I didn’t it with a 90 grit then I gradually went up on the grits reaching the 250 grit  for that very smooth finish .

After everything was smooth and clean I primed it and waited a few hours to make sure everything was dry then painting was next it took me about 45 minutes to finish painting everything {since im such a control freak and have this OCD going on } I wanted everything to go very smooth and I wanted people to look at and be oh where did you bough that at ?} bahahaha
 I let it cure for the entire night  and in the morning we put it up in our daughters room before she woke up . she was so surprise everything that came out of her mouth was wow “wooooow woooow gice Kank yu i sooo Jappy “ {she is two} she was beyond surprise and we loved that reaction she ended up being in her bedroom the whole entire day between coloring and serving tea to her siblings and dolls and daddy she was a very happy little girl and that’s is our end result and we looooooved it nothing better than seeing your babies happy right?.

And well this is the final product of 18 hours of working and waiting {more waiting than working } and well i really hope y'all enjoyed this step by step direction of how make a tea/coloring table oh and of course the most important thing is how to surprise your two year old daughter with a gift she would enjoy for many years to come {and she has used everyday since }.

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Creative Dream said...

Amazing job! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)