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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Custom ombre drapes

It just seems like have been doing a lot of work on our daughters room lately but actually we have done bait of of work all trough the house yes i know we are moving {sad face} but we still want to live comfortable for the remaining 5 months of our lease as well as great our guest with a well organize and welcoming home .

Our daughter's room was lacking on the curtains department I've been putting it off  because i didn't know what she would like and went i mean her i also mean me  {she is very opinionated as her mama} so a year past and no luck on what to buy or even what fabric until one day i was reading the doctors closet blog and she put on the home tour of her office it was instantaneous connection to her drapes !! i want add that my office/is also very similar as her {home office tour very soon } i want to add that since i don't want any confusion of "oh she copied her " no!! i didn't !! i guess just great minds think alike . {back to the curtains}i get side track very easy so on this one i did copied her I've never seen such a beauty and for my luck i had the fabric in the same exact colors  witch it it was fantastic .

*Fabric variation of pinks and whites
*fabric chalk
*measuring tape
*measuring ruler
*sewing machine
*pomp pomp trim
*clip rings
*drape rod

Cost :
*free {since i had everything already }
*But i calculated and buying this fabric from joins or any fabric store will cost you about 8 to 12 dollars a yard{i used 8 yards of each fabric} {no i didn't buy it there i actually buy my fabric in rolls from a private seller} the pomp pomp trim as well but you can buy it at joins ,hobby lobby , Michael's  for about 4 to 6 dollars a yard. {i used 9 1/2 yards of the trim } not counting any discounts that they might have  . {the pomp pomps trimming as well as the fabric i get in in bulk from the same private seller in case y'all where wondering }

Time :
*4 hrs of cutting sewing and 1 hour of washing and drying the fabric.

Step 1: i needed to cut each pice of fabric into 8 yards then cut half to make each panel into 4 yards because thats what i need for each window .

Step 2: was to cut { I marked and cut 22 inch long on each fabric giving me a lot of extra fabric to cut and adjust later if i needed since each color had to be 18 inch long }

 Step 3 :after cutting i pined all the edges together so i could have the right notion of where to saw

Step 4:sawing time {i think this other than the cutting took about 2 hrs since i wanted everything to come out perfect store bought kind of drapes}

Step :5 i sew in the pomp pomps trimming witch to me was the icing on the cake and the most fun part of the project . {i added the pomp pomps because i wanted to give it a girly feeling not that the pink didn't but just the pink wasn't doing to for her until the pomp pomps came in to the picture } .

Step :5 {not showed} was to put this babies in the washing machine and then air dried {you can put it in the dryer but i decided not to since it was such a wonderful day out and i know i would take about 15 minutes to air dry why not right }?? going green !! \

Step:6 i used the clip rings i had and stared hanging it them onto the rod {this were left over from a clients project } the rod was from our previous home .

Step : 7 hang and enjoy the view 

She is in love and so am i ... {lets have a pink palooza kind of party .} you are invited 
Ps:her bedroom tour is coming up very soon as well so stay tune.

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Creative Dream said...

Very cute! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)