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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fridays inspiration : Coffee tables

Who doesn't love a well styled coffee table ??

A coffee table to me is like the heart of my living room is the talk of all my guest and my pride and joy when i sit in our sofa .

Coffee table decorations and centerpieces are extremely versatile and for that reason they are a big part to decorate a living room all depending on your style . It also brings in a type of fresh and attractive perspective look to your space .

By combining various shapes , textures , colors and even aroma you are making a beautiful  transformation to your living room or sitting area.

Spectacular coffee tables displays bring interest a focal pony to most spaces . Doesn't matter on the coffee table you choose is all up to what is the style you are going for with the space . 

Some of the items i like to use when styling a coffee table for my clients , friends family and even my self are fresh flowers, drift wood , shells ,trays ,decorative vases , small indoor plants , books , candles and more. {these same ideas can be incorporated to your side / night table as well }.

Coffee tables can have an attractive look to them and the items you choose don't have to be high end   you don't have to have a lot of cash to get the glam . 

Decorating a coffee table can be inexpensive and an exiting way to show your creativity and style . As well you can always rotate and change your coffee table decor depending on you mood , special occasion or just because .

Things that you can incorporate into your table styling and design 

Bring in some nature in to you home / think Eco friendly and budget friendly.

Fresh flowers, sea shells , drift wood and small plants this are just some of the items i have work with and that you can surely incorporate into styling  your coffee table for little or no money .

{fresh flowers, candles , vases and books are my favorite }

Conversation starers  :

I have a few of favorite items as the perfect conversation starers for example one of my most favorites are books not only can they look amazingly pretty when you incorporate it to your design they can also be a big source of conversation {maybe your guest are also reading the same one or they are into the same things as you are but feel shy to say it} 

A picture :

 I've heard all my life that a picture can tell a 1000 words i don't know who came up with that but to me it sound right . 

A DIY project :

 its a great way to not only show how creative you are but also show that hey if you like it i can surely make you one {friendship starer} .

Souvenirs :

 Who doesn't want to know about your travels and adventures? i do!!!


My favorite Source of aromas are fresh flowers and candles .
Flowers not only look pretty but they also smell divine and well as it brings color and life to any space of your home .
Candles are my second source of aroma they bring great smells to your space as well as a beautiful vase or center pice . 

are you ready to try styling your own coffee table  yet ?? good luck i know it will come out divine !.

Enjoy your weekend !!

Source: all these images are taken from pinterest .

Ps:fridays inspiration is a new segment that i would be incorporation into the blog . 

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