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Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Tray

Happy monday y'all !!... today is been already a super busy day for us from missing the school bus this morning and having to wake up my brother (thank god for him speeding his summer with us in this crazy house before he goes back to collage) to take care of the sleeping kiddos while i take the big camper to school .. then coming back to a #1 accident that my 3 year old did over night that means bathing him so early in the morning (poor baby) are you party training your kids yet ?? is it just me or is so different from one child to another ?? (sorry mommy questions) .

Back to the project its been a while since I've been wanting to post about this project but always things when in the way {don't you just hate that } so I'm so very happy to finally decide to post about it yayyyy !{i bet I'm the only exited one } {btw i did this all by my self no hubs help at all } so proud!!.


* Wood {2 x6 to be exact i only needed one witch it was about 8 ft and i had couple feel left over}
oh i also used untreated wood in case you where wondering
* Paint
* Primer
* Sand paper
* Wood glue
* Finishing nails

* Router
* Table saw
* Hand saw
* Ruler
* Measuring tape
* Leveler
* Clamps
* Table sander
* Hand sander

* 3hrs.{ it took me an hour 1/2 to do all the cutting and assembling and sanding then the other 1 1/2 was for letting the primer and paint cure } it was a very windy day and it took half the time to dry {witch that made me really happy }.

* Free { we always have wood around the house since we are always working on a project for us for a family , friend or clients } so the basic building materials are always around .

But i calculated this would of been about $15.00 project between the wood , paint and primer {witch we always find at our local home depot}

Step 1:
 I used the measuring tape to measure the spots where i wasted to cut {no picture} witch it was 15 x 15

Step 2:
I used the hand saw to cut the wood in the measurements i wanted   {no picture}

Step 3:
I used the table saw to cut then the tray sides and the insert . The tray it self was 15x15 and the wood thickness i used was about 1/4th of an inch for all four sizes and for the bottom of the tray i cut the wood into 6 slides of 1/8th of an inch . {witch it was very tricky since i was scare of the table saw} {i was almost tempted to wear my oven mittens } hope you can keep a secret. {i did wore my husbands welding protection wear} shhhhhhh {is between me and you okay }!!??

Step 4:
I used the router and this awesome bit the measure about  1/8th as well to make the indentation on the tray sides to slide in the insert later .

 Step 5:
I later on clamped 3 of the sides together to be able for the wood to press and stick to the sides without any moving around .

Step 6:
I nailed the sides and sledded in the bottom of the tray one by one fitting them really thigh into the inserts i previously made with the router .

Step 7:
After they where snug and thigh i pressed the fourth side in glued it compress it with the clamps and added the finishing nails .

Step 8:

It didn't seem finish to me so the next step i went on to make some cool handles with the router .
I used one that was 3/4ths of an inch .

Step 9:
Was to sand down everything i used the table sander for the outside that had a few rough edges and then i used the hand? palm sander for the rest 

Step 10 :
Was to do the priming and painting .

Step 11:
Accessorize and enjoy.

With this little easy project i leave you today i hope you have a wonderful week .

Ps:will be back wends with another DIY project {we are on the roll lately }bahhaha !!

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