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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY: temporary coffee table

Since we move to our home about two years ago we haven't done much until about 9 months ago we decided to make this a home {since we fought we could b e here for a few years while we buy / build our permanent home } . so little by little we have been bringing furniture into our home some are made by us some where gifted other garage sale and all that since we didn't want anything that was to expensive and we couldn't take it with us to our next home {like we have done in our previous homes } but after 1 and half year living like that i had a long talk with the hubs and decided that things needed to be change  neither him or i was feeling at home because the things that was making our home other than us and the kids weren't our style or our like so we decided to change things around .

We have done buys and stuff but we found out we were actually okay on the whole Diy thing and we stared giving it a chance !..

Our living room has some hand me down couches that at the moment are being replace { ha another post for another day }  and well we lived for a year and a half without any coffee table that to my surprise is very important !!! 

I wasn't set on what i wanted at the moment and we had family coming over from the north and i wanted to get our home a bit comfortable for them . So i went with a very easy design that can later on be place somewhere ales  like for example in the kids play room {with is where is going to go in the next 2 months }.

I stared with some measurement and a plan i honestly didn't give it much touch other that it should be comfortable , big  and made out of wood also with some withe and wood tones to it. My husband light bulb come on and he stared cutting and measuring and more cutting and more measuring { not in that order }  and things where looking right ..

Step 1: measure and cut wood 
                           step 2: pre drill holes to connect legs and base .

Step 3 and 4 : glue and then drill base together

Step 5 & 6: start gluing and drilling legs to base of the table 

Step 7 .8 and 9  : measure, cut and place bottom of table 

Step 10 ,11 ,12  : pre drill , glue , drill in top of table 
Step 13 ,14 and 15 : glue , place top of table on legs , and use finishing  nails to put together 

Step 16: start staking peaces of wood next to each other 
i used four screws for each plank two in each side 

  I first stain the top  and let it cure fore the night then primed and painted the bottom and let it dried for 42 hours after painting  i put two coats of paint each of them letting it dray for about 21 hours .


And there you have it our temporary coffee table {witch by the way everyone love } But since is not really living room material it would be going down to the kids play room at the end of the month or beginning of next depending on our new table . also we are so exited of replacing those couches very soon {I'm so exited that I'm here squealing like a school girl }..

well until next time ...........

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