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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nautical shelves :Boys room

Can i please hear an AMEN !! for the boys room !! .. Its been way to long since the last time we did anything to this room !!.. last thing i did was hang some art that the boys pick up and do their closet and that seems ages ago . maybe because its been over a year and well i haven't  even posted about them !! {shame face here }..

Any how ..about 3 weeks ago we decided to make some must deserve shelves for their bedroom . and do to that they are boys and love anything nautical, dinosaurs , and travel we decided on doing some Nautical /old charm kind of shelves with a bit of rustic but modern vibe .

To home of the depot we went or as my mum calls it .. our second home {honestly it might be our first since we are there every single day !!!}.


Table saw
Table sander {not pictured}
Palm sander {hand sander }
Drill bits {not pictured}
Measuring Tape
Stud finder
Paint sponges
Goggles for safety
Sand paper {not pictured}
*we used the 60 grits and the 200 grits after to give it more of a smooth finish .


Wood : 3 - 1x12
Rope  3/8 -50ft
Stain :dark walnut by Minwax
screws {not pictured}
Hook screws
Eye hook screws

Step 1: my amazing hubs did the cutting of all the wood sine {I'm afraid of using the table saw} shush. ...

{Ps : dont mind the mess in the back thats a different project we are working on !}

Step 2: clamped 3 piece of wood and drill two holes on each end for the rope  

 Step 3 : i stained all the wood ... and i let it cure for about 5 hours  {love this satin}

Ps: i would like to apologize a head of time for the very poor lighting since it was already a bit late and this room is a bit dark 

Step 4 and 5:  we installed the shelves on the wall {when i mean we i did like 2 and he did the rest} very careful so everything would be label  and study .

I want to add that the whole  rope thing was hard at least for me since  to make level knots took me  about 30 minutes on one . but then i got the handle on it and it took me half that time on the second and third and so on. {witch it only took the hubs about 5 to 10 minutes }

Step 6: show the kids and sit back and admire the work ..

Ps : i haven't decided on how to organize and decorate the shelves yet but i have a few ideas so dont mind was on it at the moment
Pps : we made the shelves with space for the kids new tv {witch is a bit bigger than this one and it covers the whole space in the middle of the shelves }

Update : i understand that not all the parents let their kids have tvs in their bedrooms and i dont see anything wrong with the but in our family we do since we let them watch their favorite shows there about 1 to 2 hours a day in silence while i prepare for dinner {plus it was also a gift both of them } thank you.

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