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Friday, January 16, 2015

DIy : sequin heart wreath

As everyone knows valentine is approaching and is one of my favorite holiday {not because is the month of love and all that } but because of valentines day my hubs decided to surprise me with a trip  to a beautiful park that had an amazing frozen water fall and he took me to the bridge and in the middle of 10 inches of snow and a freezing day to propose to me haha cheesy you might think but to me was amazing since he later on took me on a carriage ride with white horses and all the bells and whistles also i can't forget that the same night he took me to dine and stay over night at one of my favorite hotels in NY, The Plaza .. ..

Okay okay.. enough about me and my romantic day  ... I've been doing some decorating for valentine very soon this year since just last week i decided to pull out the plug on the Christmas decor took me long enough uh .. but since my son is already doing valentine projects for school and going shopping for gifts for his friends and girlfriend {haha i know i feel so old my son has a little girlfriend .. he likes holds hands with her and they sit together at all time while in school is so cute by the way he is only 6 }.

My first and second valentine project for this week was a sequin and ribbon wreath as well as some sequin hair clips for my daughter and my sons girl - friends  at school .

exacto knife
marker ,pencil or pen
craft felt
clips(only for headpieces )
hot glue and glue gun
craft paper { i use the same paper that i used for annaliah room tassel garland)

Step 1 : trace in paper the shape of what ever figure you want to use i did hearts .

Step 2 : trace it onto your craft felt {i did two different sizes}

Step 3: cut your felt into the shapes you traced.

Step 4: start applying just a few dabs of hot glue all around the outside of your shape while placing your sequin and continue this step until your shape is fill with the sequin 

Its going to look a bit like this .
and your done {with this part for now}

Next we go onto the wreath 

Step 1: unpack it from the original packing and lets roll {literally }

Step 2 :we roll the ribbon all around the wreath 

to keep in in place i dabbed a few drops of hot glue between the ribbons. 

for the next step i took a wooden dowel we had laying around from a previous project and covered with gold foil paper .. to make an arrow .

and well here is the final product of my crafty side ..{wink wink }

I initially  was going to make a wreath with all around sequin hearts but i decided not to at the end so with the small ones i decided to make some hair clips for my son friends and my daughter .

it was very easy just use some hot glue and applied it to the clip and the back of the sequin heart and ta da done.!...

until next time.....

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