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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Organized entry

Last week I showed our new foyer refresh , today I will like to bring you into how I organize this space to function for our family's needs.

I wanted to keep the top functional but less clutter . I stared by removing the big metal tray I used to have under the mirror and exchange I brought in this little box that has the metal trimming I like plus a beautiful agate gem on top . Like that  by giving it some character and that pop of color . The rest I have is some flowers to soften the space as well a small vase {cup}to hold some pens for those last minutes notes.  A season picture frame for a touch of personality I want people to still know that actual people live in this house and of course a great smelling candle for also that pop of car as warmth .

This small glass box holds by everyday items I need before getting out of the house like for example my keys and small wallet.

This drawer still gives me a bit of anxiety because there is a lot of going on but is all what we need . From extra pencils, tapes ,note cards ,small note pad, my check book {who knows} , extra candles , air freshener , lighter , lotion , body spray , boogie wipes , regular wipes , sunglasses ,headphones , head band  , headache pills {it has come on handy more than once } , q tips ,lip care , extra chargers , tape measure and extra small tools .

Shoe storage ; to be honest with you this unit is very small and it does not hold all our shoes but it does hold our day to day shoes {some of my tennis shoes stay here but the more "fancy ones" are located in my closet .}

The boys every day shoes fit perfectly .

Don't you have a daughter ? you might ask , yes we do she is still small and her shoes are tiny and they don't fit in this cabinet properly so I gave her her own spot . This two baskets work perfectly for her day to day shoes{like her mamma she also has a "fancy shoe storage " in her closet} .

 Also I like to put a small basket next to the stairs for those items that wonder upstairs from the playroom that have to be Brough back down at some point of the day .

until next time ..

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