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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Foyer Refresh

Oh yes, is finally here !! imagine my joy when all this was done . It totally needed an updated look ..like I said here ..this where my main inspiration for this new refresh.

It all stared with a must needed declutter and paint job .!!

And here is the after math ... enjoy ..

{So I'm trying this new camera and lens out honestly not my favorite so I think I'm going back to my old one or getting a whole new set.}

This is the new from top of the stairs{living room area}

To me it just seem more airy yes I still have almost the same amount of stuff but the more neutral colors give it the appearance of being a bigger space .

Disclaimer: the pops of pink is because summer is here and I wanted to give it a bit of color . I do change colors within each specific season just to be a bit on the festive side and also because I do still really love a pop of color 

When my previous post about my foyer I had a few people asking about that "how do you have space to walk through with a bench on the to of the stairs blocking the way " My answer to that is that we have way more thank plenty of space I still haven't touch the bench or the wall once since I've had this bench in here . I don't really know why it looks so narrow but it honestly not at all I'm not saying the two people can go though at the same time unless your kids but I can go up with both hands full of shopping bags and not touch the bench or wall without twisting or adjusting my position . So to answer that question there is way enough space and this are the dimensions  {the space there is 44 inches wide and the bench only takes 13in of it so with that said there is enough space .I Hope that helps =).

Oh im so in love with this knobs they are this crystal mercury glass knobs with a vintage Crome design . I wish I could find more but I haven't been that lucky yet , since this a found at HomeGoods one day and I graved them thinking I'm going to need them some day and well I did .I love how different look it gives to a plain dresser it gives it a more expensive look to a pice that it is not . I get so giddy with the small changes that makes a big difference , don't you ??

I love this print my sister got them for me because she saw them on a website and she immediately taught of me . Thank you sis your the best I love them as well they bring also that settle pop of color I wanted in this space.

The bench !! umm do you remember the black and white stripe bench I had well this is it with a new more settle look I still wanted to have a bit of print and fun and I found this amazing curtains at Kohls  a few years back and I had them in storage since I didn't know where to put them so I found a great way to use them by making once of the panel my new bench fabric {the fabric is a a thick durable fabric is also water resistant }.

I stared with wanting this Caitlin Wilson pillows but I as surprise to found out that they discontinue them so after searching high and low with no luck my mum came to the rescue with 4 yards of this beautiful fabric that honestly didn't have a name on she got it from a discount fabric store so I asked her if she count possibly make me some pillows out of them and she happily agreed and made me 2 pillows and my sister the other two . Thank you mum I love my pillows !!

 The pink pillow I found at HomeGoods .

So I hope you like the new change I surely do and everyone in our home does as well .
Until next time =)

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