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Monday, June 26, 2017

Books a plenty

I most confess that I have a slight addition to books !! idk what is about them I love them from styling and fashion books to decorating and fiction books I love them all !! nothing like a good book and a cup of joy {tea normally} in the morning or honestly at any time of the day .

                                 *this are not all my styling books

My life is a bit busy but I try to read at least 30 mins a day thats the time I dedicate to myself for zen purposes its what keeps me sane {couch couch *}.

I can read a verity of things I love all kinds of book my favorite author by far has to be Ann Rice there is not a book of her that I haven't read and that I have not loved!! I honestly just sink in to every single one of her stories , so much I feel that I'm part of them seeing how they develop is just mesmerizing , I just can't put it down .

But the books I will be talking about today are some of my coffee table /styling books. I try to incorporate any book in every design I make .There something about it,  from a pretty cover to a pretty binder or just in general interesting is a most have conversational piece in any room or space.

Here I'm bringing some of my favorite books ..

Fashion :Chanel ; Collections and Creations

Inspirational : Chanel ;And Her Word

Design:Allegra Hicks ; An Eye For Design

Styling :Cupcake and Cashmere ; At Home

Organizing: Real Simple ; The Organized Home

Food: The Year Of Cozy

Travel:Kate Spade ;Things We Love

 Fictional:Starwars:The Force Awakens :/Game of thrones

Those are some of the books I enjoy looking at and reading what about you ..??

Until next time ... 

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