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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Foyer inspiration

For years I've dreams of having a grand foyer......

 But life normally doesn't work as fast, one day I will have one but for now Im happy and content with what I do have . Yes it might be a bit small but it does the job .

 I will like to share the direction of where I'm trying to take ours right now . I love the aerie feeling of this one and the simplicity of the design.

Simple with a pop of color 

I love bringing in some greenery that will also give it that pop of color yet so simple but oh so elegant 

Farm house feeling anyone??... I Love the serine feeling I get every time I look at this picture 

Pink door anyone?? .. I honestly wish I could !! To be honest I don't think I would have a pink door in my entrance but I would put one in my closet or the door to my office closet. This door was the inspiration of one of my pop of colors I wanted to include in ...

Oh do I dream with build ins almost every single day .! every time I ever looked into the plans of our home thats one thing I wanted everywhere ! From the mudroom to the office I want it as many builtins as I could have of course without looking to much * couch couch 

Out of this images I came out with this inspiration board 

I will be working with items that I already have incorporating them into the new design and doing some diy projects as well as a most needed paint job !. so stay tune...

Untel next time.....

**DISCLAIMER : all pictures expect the idea board was taken of Pinterest .

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