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Friday, June 16, 2017

So far & whats coming

    Is been a while since I've posted anything in here there has been a lot of new things in our life good and bad but most of all good .


    1. We are still in the same house {rental} do to a lot of problems with the developers and contractors of the home we where trying to build also we have had a change in job and needed to stay put for a little while .

    2. We are still moving because the owner of this house is still trying to set the house so right now we are in borrow time with him.

    3. Summer stared and all kids are home but soon they will all be going to school yes all 3 of them . Time really flies I can't believe I have 3 school age kids already

  4. Talking about school ill be going to school myself to further my education this year , I'm very exited and scared at the same time

  5. My husband and I will have our 10th year anniversary this October wow times does fly.

  6.if y'all want to keep up with me make sure your fallowing me on Instagram

  7.there are still tons of projects we have worked on and will be working on that I will be posting about .

 8. This blog will be going on a different direction since before was all about diy don't get me wrong I will be posting diy projects here and there but I will also try to incorporate so other content that interest me since this blog is to reflect me

     for example

       lifestyle: like beauty , fashion , places and other interests that are part of my life as well as recipes and family things that we enjoy . Yes, I will still bring projects in as well as some fun room flips and inspiration posts .
                                            {all pictures are mine unless stayed otherwise}


Skin care:






Idea boards:






 I will also be sharing a full updated home tour very soon so stay tune for that

Needless to say I'm very exited for this new chapter in my life and I can't wait to share it ..

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